An Interview on Weight Loss

I know, I know – it’s been "forever" since I posted. I can’t believe how busy I’ve been! I guess that’s a good thing but you know how it is, you slide for a day or two and before you know it — BAM! You’re off. Works that way with writing too.

Anyway, I’m back. And part of what happened during the "dark days" was I was recently contacted by a weight loss site that’s dedicated to motivational support for those of us facing the battle. It’s called "Weight Loss Tips" and you can find it at

They asked me if I would be interviewed. Who am I to deprive them of my knowledge at the game of weight loss? I agreed. (Actually, I’m very flattered by the request.) So, if you’re interested in a brief interview, read on.

Radio microphoneWhat is your age?
Timeless.  (Of course, if you wish, you can use "53")

What was your weight before dieting?
250 pounds

What is your weight now?
183 (within a few pounds now and then)

What is your target weight?
179 but I’m thinking about moving to 175 if I get real serious.

What finally made you decide to start with a weight loss program?
I have been on diets since birth.  On and off. Back and forth. Up and down. In September 1993, I knew my marriage was falling apart and my life was out of my control. The only think I could control was "ME" so I figured I better get on with it.

What type of weight loss program did you follow?

When I’m serious about weight loss, I have always followed Weight Watchers. When I want excuses for not getting results, I follow fads. I’m serious these last 14 years, so I use WW.

Why did you choose this weight loss method/program?

My parents went on it when I was 17. I had tried all sorts of diets as a kid. Weight Watchers required scales and measuring and  to a nerdy kid  that was "cool." I joined. I lost almost 100 pounds. For the first time in my life, I fit in, literally and figuratively. It was great. (By the way, my parents dropped out shortly after I joined.)

How long were you on your weight loss method/program?

Well, on the grand scale of things, since 1971. However, I have taken several "detours" and gained back weight. The latest detour was 13 years and I returned in 1993 (story above). I joined on right after my 39th birthday with a goal to be "fit, fun, and physically sound by 40." It took 364 days. I hit my goal weight one day before I turned 40. That was 13 plus years ago.

What kinds of physical activities do you like doing to maintain your weight and to stay fit?

Jumping to conclusions. Running myself ragged. Pushing my luck. None of those worked so I ride a bicycle pretty regularly and I walk a lot.

What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome or are still overcoming?

Keeping my eye on the long term. Doing what will feel good tomorrow, not necessarily right now.

How did you keep yourself motivated?

I have tried to close as many "back doors" as possible. My career (speaker and writer) is dedicated to habit change. If I gain my weight, I will lose my career and livelihood too. I also teach others (and try to remember it for myself) to focus on the little things. They add up to big things. I believe motivation follows behaviors, it does not lead it. So, when my motivation is waning, I do one really small thing and enjoy the feeling. That generates some positive feelings. I go from there.

Do you have any weight loss tips for our readers?

Too many to say. Go to my blogs. Read my book. Subscribe to my ezine. However, the overriding theme is "treat yourself special." If guilt and shame were motivational, we’d all be thin.  In addition to that, it’s do the small things regularly, not the big things intermittently.

Do you think it will be easy to fall back into your old lifestyle pattern?

Oh, goodness yes. It’s a constant battle, but it does get easier.

How do you prevent this from happening?

Small things. Stay in the present. Reward myself often. Constant vigilance.


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