Not waiting

My usual pattern is to "wait until Tuesday to start." That’s because I journal/track what I eat and my food journal goes from Tuesday to Monday. (It’s part of a pattern I developed years ago while still losing weight.)

When  I’ve been out of town — or "off program" — I tend to not jump right back on when I come back, rather opting to wait until Tuesday. I guess that’s OK if I’m coming back on Monday but the reality is that most of the time, I return from my travels on the weekend. Therefore, by waiting those few extra days I further set back my efforts.

So, it dawns on me, this foggy Monday morning, "Why are you waiting?"

I’m having a hell of a time right now. I seem to be a train out of control and barreling down the tracks for the end of the cliff. I always feel better when I get on track (er, no pun intended). Why in God’s name would I delay that feeling?

Couldn’t think of one good reason. So, I’m back. On a Monday no less.

Wish me luck.


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